Gaming Management

Gaming-related establishments have an opportunity to identify issues and promote responsible gaming programs.

The Responsible Gambling Council has developed an Index for gaming venues. The standards are designed to provide objective and independent benchmarks for the content, quality and breadth of ‘responsible gambling’ programs designed and delivered by gaming companies.

Review the following key warning signs to help determine if one of your guests may have a gambling problem:

  • Gambling longer than planned
  • Gambling until the last dollar is gone
  • Thoughts of gambling preoccupy daily life
  • Bills begin to go unpaid
  • Attempts to stop gambling are unsuccessful
  • Criminal activity to fuel gambling
  • Borrowing money from friends and family
  • Feelings of depression or suicide after losing
  • Feelings of remorse after gambling
  • Gambling to meet financial obligations


For further information, find a counselor to work with in your area or request materials to have on hand to better equip both staff and patrons.