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Here are some tips for avoiding the temptation to gamble:

  • Ask for help and support. The first step toward getting help is asking for assistance. For free, confidential assistance, call 1-800-333-HOPE or text HOPE to 61222, Treatment is available and is free for qualifying Minnesotans.
  • For some, a support group can be a tremendous help. To find a Gamblers Anonymous support group, visit:
  • Set goals and set yourself up for success. Create short- and long-term goals to help you focus on recovery. Avoid high-risk situations, such as meeting at gambling venues or carrying around large amounts of money.
  • Face your feelings and talk about them. Speak openly with someone you trust to reduce stress, and acknowledge your feelings without blame or judgement.
  • Focus on the positives and find healthy alternatives. Acknowledge your achievements and find healthy new hobbies or activities to reduce the temptation to gamble.
  • Realize lapses may happen. Many people experience lapses, but that doesn’t mean you have failed in recovery. Learn from your lapses to see how you can identify triggers and avoid future lapses in recovery.