For Professionals

Problem gambling affects a number of professions, and Minnesota is fortunate to have skilled professionals to assist with recovery.

Additional information on how you can assist in recovery is available to professionals including:

Therapeutic counselors and treatment providers play a key role in a client’s recovery, identifying barriers and helping those in the process overcome personal obstacles.

Better understand what questions to ask and what characteristics to look for to diagnose a gambling disorder.

Learn more about current diagnostic criteria for gambling disorder.

Understand the nature of problem gambling and its role as a precursor to criminal activities.

Gaming-related establishments have an opportunity to identify issues and promote responsible gaming.

Problem gambling can lead to a wide array of legal issues.

A gambling disorder can have a variety of negative impacts on the workplace. Employers and co-workers are often in the unique position to observe, intervene and potentially assist in recovery.

Finance professionals can be among the first to be exposed to signs of a client’s potential gambling problem. Learn more about the signs.